Exhibition of photography “THE QUIET LIFE OF THE STILL LIFE” will be open on March 1, 2019

Any photo in the genre of still life can take part in the exhibition.
The best of the submitted works will be selected by the art council of the organizer, printed and exhibited.

Exhibition Regulations:
Any photographer who is the author of artworks submitted for participation and who has full rights to them can participate in the project.

The deadline for submission of work is February 20,  2019.

Each participant can submit up to four photos on a given topic.

Works in good quality prepared for printing should be sent to email: alimilak@mail.ru; mfotob@mail.ru
- JPG format, compression 10-12
- size at least 3000 pixels. on the long side
- color space: sRGB.
In the letter indicate the name of the work, name, surname and contact phone number (required).

The photo should not have logos, inscriptions or other signs not related to the subject.

Photographs will not be accepted: advertising or, used, in advertising goods and services; pornographic nature; with racist overtones; inciting violence, etc ..

The work chosen for the exhibition will be printed by the project organizing committee, at the expense of the author. Notification will be emailed to all exhibitors. Works selected for the exhibition will be printed and exhibited only upon payment. If the author wishes to print his own works, please inform the organizing committee about this. Please note that the size of the visible image in the frame: 42x29.7cm (A3). If cropping photos do not match the specified size, place it in this size with a mat.
The organizing committee undertakes not to use the work for other purposes not specified in these regulations, without the permission of the author.

See also the UAFM rule https: //www.facebook.com/UAFRM/posts/2332601343441378 trade show? __Tn __ = K-R